documentary movie the most
difficult role
the most
difficult role

Behind Stage Lights is Darkness

The Most Difficult Role is a documentary movie in development about actresses that have been victims of sexual violence.

This movie reveals stories about sexual harassment, violence, and rape carefully hidden behind walls of theatres, film schools,  production houses…  and victims finally finding the courage to speak openly about it.

The film crew already received a large number of actresses’ stories from the entire region – which reveals the magnitude of the problem that has been undercover for decades. Actresses and support groups have already recognized this project as a way of overcoming the darkness they have been carrying for years.

Brave women willing to face their fears and stigma of the society will try to make a theatre play and act their own stories – being artists and witnesses at the same time.

The most difficult role these women have to play (some of them by the rest of their lives) – is the role of the victim. Struggling to overcome this life-long stigma – they will try to do it by the most powerful tool they have – by acting.

This project is prepared together with NGO ApsArt.

Author / Director: Aleksandra Jelić

Script: Bogdan Španjević

Production: NextGame / WaveForm