Who We Are?

We are interdicplinary storrytellers.

We are a team of writers, directors, graphic and audio designers, programmers,  advertisers, marketing experts – that work together to create powerfull stories. Sometimes it is for your brand. Sometimes it is just art.

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What We Do?

We use digital, film, drama, TV, radio and other media to create immersive experiences.

We create encompassing narratives in museums, galleries, theatres, festivals, on the streets, on Internet and all other places using a blend of methods and channels to tell a story.

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Use of technology

Good, powerful stories that wake our emotions are all that matters.

We use different technologies to tell stories in a new way. From emotion-detection, mobile or web apps, and interactive theatre – we choose our tools and weapons according to the story we have to tell, opposite to common practice.

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The Power of Stories

We believe that stories have power to make the world a better place.

Our campaigns, exhibitions, documentaries, theatre plays, commercial and art projects are always relevant, based on deep research and responsible, human approach.

Wherever and whenever possible, we work together for the better society.

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Co-creating with the audience

We create together with our auidence using their stories, inputs, feedbacks…

We create personalized storytelling experiences and empower the audience to participate, co-create and find their own ways through our stories.


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In the post-advertising world

In the post advertising world  everything becomes advertising.   

From websites and classic digital campaigns  to documentary movies,  transmedia and street games –  we’ll use it all to make your brand grow.

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