Belgrade Fortress

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Project Description

“Dragon Trail” is a game played in the most famous and picturesque tourist location in Serbia – Belgrade Fortress. Players searched for nine RFID readers hidden somewhere inside the medieval walls and tucked in the corridors of the Fortress. They activated them with their special playing card and unlocked nine doors of a parallel universe through which an evil Dragon intended to enter our world and destroy it. The game was based on a combination of RFID and mobile technology that was both entertaining and educational for both tourists and local gamers.

Dragon Trail is our first commercial project. We used this game to test our concept of a stand-alone, self-operating, pervasive game and it proved to be a highly successful business model. This game generated huge public interest and awareness and was installed in the Fortress for two consecutive years for a duration of four months each year. The game was created in cooperation with the public enterprise “Belgrade Fortress” and is our first example of gamification of the heritage site.