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Project Description

Each year, Belgrade is invaded by more than 150,000 young backpackers from around the world who stay in Belgrade’s hostels, of which there are 200. To introduce them to the city we made a special tourist street game “Belgrade Co(s)mic Odyssey” which they played using Bluetooth and mobile phones. The game was installed in premium Belgrade hostels and almost 400 travelers played our game over a three month time period. The purpose of the game wasn’t to get to know buildings and objects, but Belgrade’s people. The players (foreign tourists) interacted with local people and solved fun and challenging tasks with them. Collaboration with passers-by was an obligatory feature of this game. Set in one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade with parks, fountains, and pedestrian zones, this game was a huge success. Through this game we made a lots of friends from all over Europe and spent an exciting and playful summer in Belgrade.

This game is an example of how street games can enrich a tourist’s experience of a big city.