Project Description

The EnFrame project proposal will be made in collaboration between IT University in Copenhagen, Blast Theory in Brighton, Next Game in Serbia and Culture 24, UK.

The aim of the project is to develop a sustainable communication design framework allowing small cultural heritage institutions to facilitate new forms of engagement with digital cultural assets. We will study successful projects in large institutions, as well as international projects, and create methods, tools and heuristics which allow small institutions to innovate on their own. Two design probes will be conducted by NextGame and Blast Theory to help form a foundation for the framework.

EnFrame is an interdisciplinary, practice-based research project that combines the expertise of media artists, game developers, cultural heritage professionals and communication design researchers. The objective of the project is to develop an experimental communication design framework for small cultural heritage institutions with little or no digital resources and competences.

The framework will provide small CHIs with tools, methods and heuristics to create and evaluate formats for sustainable audience engagement based on the creative reuse of existing digital cultural assets.